Super Bowl Treats!


Hello out there, roller derby fans, friends, skaters, and team members! It’s time for another one of our fund raising pushes. As a team, we are working to build our funds so we can prepare for our season. We will soon need uniforms and there a number of up-front costs that go into hosting a bout.

So, this weekend we’re starting pre-sales for our Super Bowl Krispie treats. We currently have a number sample Porterville, Monache, Granite, and plain football treats to sell on site.

Look for us around town! We will be selling our Comedy & Dance Jam tickets and our super cute Football Krispie treats! Jerry Garcia Comedy Show February 17

If you’re looking for something special for your super bowl party, we are making treats of the competing teams. You can choose which team you’d like until January 28. If no team specified, orders will be mixed.

50% non-refundable deposit required for pre-orders.


Just submit our order form
and make a payment through PayPal
or make arrangements to pay in cash.

Contact us with questions or for more information:




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